Istanbul, the beauty of the past to the present day fascinated him; With its seven hills, natural harbour and strait it has always been an indispensable city. There is also a history of richness in the glory of this beautiful city. Although many people know about Istanbul in the Ottoman period, it is understood that the history of Istanbul goes back nearly 300,000 years ago. This unique city was the home of civilisations such as Byzantion and Byzantine Empire before the Ottoman Empire. In this article, we will give some information about Antiquity Istanbul. Here are nine information you probably do not know about Antiquity Istanbul!

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  1. Today’s Istanbul was containing Byzantium, Kalkhedon (Kadikoy) and Selymbria (Silivri), which were the three separate cities of the Ancient Age.

Byzantion and Kalkhedon, located on both sides of the Bosphorus, are the settlements that constitute the core of today’s Istanbul; Selymbria is situated within the boundaries of Silivri.


  1. Byzantion, on the Thrace side of the Bosphorus; Nowadays, it was founded on the area covered by Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia.

In other words, Sarayburnu was the core of Byzantion.


  1. The city flourished in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras, and spread to the area of Eminönü and Fatih districts.

The area where the traces of these periods of Istanbul is located is now known as the Historic Peninsula.


  1. Byzantion was founded by colonists from Megara, Central Greece; however, it is estimated that the city was also joined by the people from Kalkhedon and Mileytos.

It is also believed that the Megarians were the founder of Byzas and the name of the city came from Byzas.

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  1. The famous historian Herodotus says that the city of Byzantion was founded 17 years after Kalkhedon.

Eusebius, who lived in the Roman Empire period after Herodotus, gave the foundation of Chalcedon as 685 BC and Byzantium’s as 660 BC.


  1. Many prominent historians state that the first settlement in the Bosphorus was Kalkhedon, located on the Anatolian side, and the reason for this could be explained by the fact that the Chalcedonians were blind.

Instead of settling a much desirable place on the opposite shore, they settled here, the historians have made this assessment. Therefore, it can be said that the fact that Chalcedon was referred to as The Land of the Blind is a well-known story in Antiquity. It is believed that Byzantion was founded in the mid-7th century BC and after Kalkhedon.


  1. The most detailed information about Byzantion is given by the Greek historian Polybius. Polybius says that the city of Byzantion is a very safe and prosperous city on the coast.

Byzantion was the critical point of the trade between the Black Sea and the Aegean.


  1. It is known that fishing is a vital source of income in Antiquity in Istanbul. In that period, each year, the Bonito, which migrated from the Black Sea to the Aegean by the Bosphorus, was the symbol of the city.

The Golden Horn was flooded with the bonito.


  1. Also Byzantion; the land of old Istanbul was extremely efficient.

However, the Byzantion was afraid of plundering the fields by the Thracians and were unable to plant in security.



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