The Green Areas of Istanbul, Where You Will Escape From The Noise Of The City And Breathe Clean Air

Istanbul is a huge city, and this creates a massive crowd of people, traffic and more. When this is the case, we all often need to escape the noise of the city, to move away, and to fill our lungs with clean air. When we feel this way, our eyes are immediately turning out of Istanbul.  Yet in Istanbul, there are still areas where we can spend time in nature. Some are even in the middle of the city! If you want to escape from the noise of the city and breathe fresh air, look at these green areas of Istanbul.


Macka Democracy Park


“If you want to go to a green area where I can get fresh air without getting too far away,” the venue is Maçka Democracy Park. You can have fun walks in Maçka Democracy Park; you can work cardio in the park, you can have a picnic and spend your day here.


Belgrad Forest


Belgrad Forest, one of the most visited green areas in Istanbul, is a great option to escape the noise of the city. There are many trails in the Belgrad Forest where you can walk or jog. Apart from that, you can take your own food and ingredients and have breakfast or barbecue.


Gulhane Park


Gülhane Park, which is used as an outer garden of Topkapı Palace during the Ottoman period, is one of the points that should be visited after making the historical peninsula tour. You will feel yourself in the past when you are sitting in this park with colourful flowers and majestic trees.


Atatürk Arboretum


Atatürk Arboretum, located on the Kemerburgaz-Bahçeköy road in Sarıyer, was founded in 1949. Completed in 1982, you can see all shades of green in this place. Walk here, more than a green field! Because there are many different types of trees and plants brought together in the forest.


Yıldız Park


Located in the vicinity of Maçka Democracy Park, Yıldız Park is an alternative to it. Therefore, the park is a frequented place for the people living in Besiktas, Sisli, Taksim and Mecidiköy areas. The trees in this park, which has excellent running parkour, are quite imposing. Therefore, it is possible to break away from the city while spending time here.


Buyukada and Heybeliada


Istanbul residents and tourists coming to Istanbul is seriously interested in the most popular islands of the Prince’s Islands Büyükada and Heybeliada… With the ferries from Bostancı, Kadikoy, Eminonu and Besiktas you can visit the islands to take long and pleasant walks while making a sigh you can breathe the air. You can also experience the magnificent history of Buyukada and Heybeliada.


Polonezköy Natural Park


Polonezköy Nature Park is a great option to get away from the city. Here you can go trekking, jogging, hiking, camping and picnicking. You can also stay in hotels in the area. You can enjoy a pleasant meal in the self-catering restaurants in the region.


Validebağ Grove


There are more than forty different types of trees in Validebağ Grove which is located at the intersection point of Altunizade and Barbaros neighbourhoods of Üsküdar. Here you can exercise and breathe plenty of oxygenated air. You can also end up with an excellent meal and tea in the restaurants and cafes located here.


Kaymakdonduran Forest


Akbaba Village is 5 km away from Beykoz Beach, and there are beautiful picnic areas with wooden tables. You can have pleasant forest walks and breakfasts at this place, which is quite calm in winter and autumn.


Ballı Kayalar Nature Park


Located on the Istanbul-Ankara motorway and reaching the Dilovası turnout and located in Gebze, Tavşanlı Village, this place is an excellent destination for rock-climbing people. If you want to do mildly hilly trekking, we would definitely recommend Ballı Kayalar Nature Park.


Bebek Park


Bebek Park, which is primarily active during the spring months, is one of the stops of Istanbulites with the options around it. This park, which is near the sea, is ideal for getting a sore air in a green area.


Aydos Forest


Aydos Forest, which is one of the most favourite green areas on the Anatolian side and which is located in Kartal district, has abundant trees and therefore plenty of oxygen. It is also possible to enjoy sports and nature in the place where the trails are.

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