Jogging; It allows us to stay in shape, stimulates our skeletal system, gives energy, ensures our heart is economical and last longer, reduces stress and makes you feel happy. But when it comes to Istanbul, most of us can’t find a place to run. We complain that there are no green spaces and areas to walk. There are spectacular spots in Istanbul that have jogging tracks. And their numbers are not very small. Here are the most beautiful eight running tracks of Istanbul.


Maçka Park

Maçka Park, which is one of the stops for lovers of jogging, is located in Şişli. The area used as a promenade in the 19th century, nowadays there is a park with various kinds of trees. This place is perfect for those who want a clean and deep breath in the middle of the city. The park is an enjoyable run – a hiking trail. Here you can enjoy your tea or coffee by sitting on the grass after an enjoyable run.


Aydos Forest

The Aydos Forest, located on the Asian side and having a high oxygen content, is located in Kartal. Access to the forest is quite simple. In this direction, it is possible to enter from different doors. If you come here in beautiful weather, you can have a great day by having a picnic.


Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest, which is one of the corners of Istanbul, has an area of ​​6 thousand hectares. The Belgrad Forest is a significant location where the city’s drinking water is provided during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. That’s why it has a beautiful beauty. There is more than one trail in the forest. One of the most popular trails is the Neşet Water Running and Walking Trail. This course has a length of 6,200 meters.


Caddebostan Beach

Located between Pendik and Fenerbahce, Caddebostan Coast is one of the stops of those who like to run on the Asian side. You can also use a bike, skate or skateboard where you can run and walk. A part of the track consisting of 1,700 meters includes of soft carpet floor, and the other element comprises of asphalt.


Bebek-Ortakoy Seaside

If you are one of those who likes to run with a unique view, your address is the Bebek- Ortaköy Coastline. Although it is generally secluded, there may be heavy pedestrian traffic in some places. Therefore, it is essential to choose between the early hours of the week or early morning.


Bostancı-Tuzla Running Track

Located between Tuzla and Bostancı Sea Pier, this trail is an option for those who like to run alongside the beautiful landscape and the smell of iodine. The track is exactly 16 km long.


Zeytinburnu- Bakırköy Running Track

Zeytinburnu, Bakırköy Coast, which can run all day long and away from the crowds, has a length of 7 kilometres. The only situation you need to pay attention to here is the excess of the wind as we move towards Yenikapı-Bakırköy direction. Other than that, the private security mission along the way. This allows you to run comfortably.


Polonezköy Natural Park


Polonezköy, which is visited frequently by those who want to stay in Istanbul and want to get away from Istanbul, is home to self-catering places, breakfasts and beautiful trails. You can end the day with a delicious meal after you started the day away from the noise of the city and intertwined with nature.

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