With the approach of February, Valentine’s Day preparations have begun for couples to have a sweet flurry! A lot of people are now thinking about what they can do for the people they love this year. But what can you do this year, unlike other years? How about planning a Valentine’s Day trip that will give you both unforgettable moments? If you are excited about this idea, you will love the holiday routes in our article! Here are 8-holiday routes where you can spend your Valentine’s Day most beautifully!


  1. Bolu-Abant

Abant, which is often preferred as a holiday route in spring, hosts unique landscapes in winter. Moreover, this exceptional location is one of the most beautiful holiday spots that can be visited with lovers. On the 14th of February, what about renting a lovely chalet in Abant, or booking a hotel like this, taking the fireplace and enjoying the snowy scenery with your girlfriend? Make sure this short holiday will come to your love very well!


  1. Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which has a very different atmosphere due to its unique landforms, is also very pleasant when it is under the snow in winter! To make this special day unforgettable with your beloved, you can have a romantic weekend in Cappadocia’s stone hotels and make a balloon tour and enjoy the breathtaking view of Cappadocia.


  1. Pokut Plateau

Rize, Çamlıhemşin’de Pokut Plateau, although not yet known by many people must be seen. This beautiful plateau at 2100 meters, the view of the Kaçkar Mountains, green and fresh air is a lovely holiday route. For this reason, you can go to this natural wonder place for a quiet celebration with your lover and stay in a peaceful chalet.


  1. Uludağ

Uludağ is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to spend a romantic time on Valentine’s Day and to have an adrenaline break. If you’re going to make a pleasant holiday away from the crowd with your lover, you can spend romantic hours in Uludag accompanied by the white cloth.


  1. Bozcaada

Bozcaada, which has become more beautiful in every season, is also one of the ideal routes for a romantic 14 February holiday. During the winter season, you can have a romantic dinner in this peaceful place and have pleasant walks on the island.


  1. Agva

Ağva is an ideal route for couples who don’t want to get away from Istanbul on Valentine’s Day. This place has quite pleasant hotels and venues because it has a unique nature. If you’re going to spend a romantic day away from everyone else with your lover, you can choose your choice.


  1. Adatepe

This charming village in Ayvacık, Çanakkale has streets adorned with stone houses. There are also boutique hotels that can be spent in the town. If you want to spend this Valentine’s Day in a different place, we will consider this lovely place in the middle of nature.


  1. Bozburun

Located in Marmaris, Bozburun village is an ideal holiday route to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day. Because you will arrive after a journey full of magnificent landscapes, this quiet place has a very romantic atmosphere. Also in this season, while everywhere is quite cold, Bozburun is one of the rare places where you can feel the warmth of the sun.

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