Coffee, chat with friends in the landscape to listen to himself should be the prettiest excuse. This pleasant drink has become even more enjoyable with the spread of 3rd wave coffee makers. With this popular, many new generation cafes were opened in Istanbul. All of these pleasant places, as well as coffee and pleasing decorations also attracted attention! In this article, we will discuss the unique coffee makers on the European side. Here are ten venues where you can enjoy coffee on the European side of Istanbul!


  1. Cup of Joy

Cup of Joy, which was first opened as a small shop in Yasemin Pasajı in Bebek, is among the best third wave coffee makers in its core. In a short time, the place has become a popular destination for coffee lovers and now has a branch in Zorlu Center. If you want a new place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, we recommend you to try Cup of Joy.

Address: Bahçelievler Mah., Cevdet Paşa Cad., No: 53, Beşiktaş


  1. Coffee Department

Coffee Department, one of the new generation coffee makers in Balat, explains its goal as to find the best quality coffee beans in the world. If you want to experience a unique coffee experience, you can spend some time in this very charming place and enjoy delicious snacks to accompany it.

Address: Ayvansaray Mah., Kürkçü Çeşmesi Sok., No: 5, Fatih


  1. MOC

MOC, which has been very successful in the wholesale coffee sale and the provision of qualified coffee, is now a new generation coffee chain that has branches both in Istanbul and in different cities. If you want to have a pleasant coffee, we would like to visit the MOC branch in Nişantaşı Topağacı.

Address: Tesvikiye Mah., Sakayik Sok., No: 4 / A, Nisantasi


  1. Coffee Sapiens

Coffee Sapiens, one of the best quality coffee places in Karaköy, takes its coffee from the world’s best coffee-growing regions as a green core. Coffee prepared by different methods is served to your coffee lovers after the most delicious. We recommend you to try this pleasant place when you are in Karaköy for a delightful coffee.

Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Pasa Mah., Kilic Ali Pasa Mescidi Sok., No: 10 / C, Beyoglu


  1. Brew Coffeeworks

One of the delightful branches of the famous coffee chain Brew Coffeeworks, which has four offices in Istanbul, is at The Wings Hotel entrance. If you wish, you can taste the best coffees in the world, prepared with natural coffee beans. In addition to beverages, a rich breakfast menu prepared by Spanish chefs and delicious desserts must be tried!

Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mah., Gümrük Sok., No: 26, Beyoğlu


  1. Cafe Lumiere

Cafe Lumiere in Çukurcuma has a pretty garden and colourful decoration. Therefore, you can enjoy the charm of this pleasant place on the one hand and enjoy your coffee.

Address: Kuloğlu Mah., Altıpatlar Sok., No: 7, Cukurcuma


  1. Gravity Coffee & Bar

Located in Nişantaşı, this pleasant place is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy delicious desserts. For an enjoyable coffee experience, we will visit this qualified coffee shop.

Address: Tesvikiye Mah., Poyracik Sok., No: 45, Nisantasi


  1. Kronotrop

Starting as a small coffee shop in Beyoğlu, Kronotrop has become a favourite place for coffee lovers. Therefore; Kronotrop, the best coffee beans that can be found directly from the manufacturer and prepared with advanced roasting techniques, is the most enjoyable experience of coffee.

Address: Kuloglu Mah., Firuzaga Cami Sok., No: 4, Cihangir


  1. Poets Coffee

Şairler Kahvesi, located in the Vişnezade neighbourhood, one of the most peaceful places in Beşiktaş, attracts attention with its friendly environment. There are delicious coffees as well as great food. For a pleasant coffee experience, we can try this place with pleasant decoration.

Address: Vişnezade Mah., Süleyman Seba Cad., No: 50 / A, Beşiktaş


  1. 7 GR Art Cafe

This charming coffee shop in Besiktas is small as well as intimate! Among the most beautiful coffee is the world’s most caffeinated coffee Deathwish! This is the only place where you can drink this special coffee!

Address: Türkali Mah., Mısırlı Bahçe Sok., No: 11/3, Beşiktaş

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