The breakfast delights in Karaköy are something else. With so many attractive places spread throughout its pretty and narrow streets, Karaköy is one of the most loved breakfast routes in Istanbul. Plus, you can burn off the calories you had by shopping at some amazing design stores, and then taking a nice stroll to the historic Galata Bridge in order to have a fun day. We have a list of the lovely places that will help you for breakfast right here.


FilBooks Karaköy

When you enter FilBooks, one of the most beautiful places in Karaköy, you will first fall in love with the interior design. Then you will lose yourself in its wealth of delicious foods. This place is great for working, reading, and chatting, and it also has a very nice breakfast menu. This place offers you a delicious breakfast of cheese omelets with fresh herbs, fruit salads, or traditional menemen (a Turkish dish of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers).


Mums Café Karaköy

Mums Café is definitely one of the cutest places, not only in Karaköy, but also in the world. It is a groundbreaking experience on weekends, thanks especially to its open buffet breakfast. Your weekend will shine where everything that is served is both extremely tasty and abundant. However, it is often important to make reservations or plan to show up earlier than the crowd.


İstanbul Modern Café Restaurant

Here you will find one of the most beautiful views in Istanbul, with a strong and modern breakfast menu that includes an organic breakfast plate and five kinds of eggs. And we can’t forget their toasts and sandwiches! Prices are very reasonable for an excellent breakfast with a spectacular view. You must visit this place at least once for breakfast.


Namlı Gurme Karaköy

Namlı has fully earned its place in a conversation about breakfast options. There must be a good reason for the crowd you see every weekend, right? That reason is the delicious options that make up its breakfast. People will travel from faraway homes to have breakfast here. Its popularity can make it a little harder to find a table and the speed of service can be reflected by this. However, you must absolutely try this if you believe in the worth of a superior breakfast.


Dandin Bakery

Dandin Bakery looks like a charming French café outside, and then fully convinces you inside with its delectable food options. The only thing to do is to sit down at one of the pretty tables and experience some remarkable flavors from the many options. Their breakfast menu includes such rare tastes as muhammara, Abkhazian braided cheese, orange and rosemary flavored butter, and assorted local dishes. They are so nice, you can try them all with your eyes closed.


WOM Karaköy

Nights at WOM are a famous part of nightlife in Karaköy. It is what first comes to mind when talking about this local landmark. But you should know that its breakfast offerings can be as dynamic as the night before. You can start your day off here with a nice breakfast where honey, cream, menemen and all kinds of breakfast food is served, and also be their guest after the sun sets.


Gakkı Karaköy

Gakkı is a smaller place in Karaköy, but it stands among the best when it comes to breakfast. Their French toast, their pişi (Turkish fried bread) and their sigara böreği (Turkish cheese rolls) will blow your mind. Try their French Toast especially. They have a delicious commitment to sourcing their ingredients from their original regions. As one example, it would not be right to leave this place without eating some mıhlama (melted cheese and cornmeal). It is the right place if you want to have breakfast the right way.


Pan Karaköy

If you like your breakfast with a wider variety of food, Pan Karaköy is definitely the place for you. A royal breakfast is served here with an abundance of breakfast options from dry fruits, to hot and cold smoked meats, and from sigara böreği to spicy and sweet dipping sauces. You can drop by this place any time of the day, but it is idea

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