Turkey’s cultural and social city of Istanbul has much to propose the serious customer, from the Grand Bazaar to the authentic spice markets and shopping hubs to neighborhoods full of charming boutiques. Modern, contemporaneous boutiques are splashing up amongst the traditional bazaars and back streets of Istanbul. Visit and explore Istanbul like never before with excellent shopping adventures. So what are the places suits for all pockets where you can shop in Istanbul? Here are the shopping hubs of Istanbul and not costing a bomb that you will encounter the most pleasant shopping stops!


  1. Beyoğlu Business Center

Beyoğlu Business Center, located in the heart of Istanbul, Istiklal Street, is one of the most known and preferred addresses of convenient shopping. In the passage, you can find the fashion products of the season at very affordable prices. If you want to make a pleasant and affordable shopping, take the road to Taksim in the early hours of the day and wander around the Beyoglu Business Center!


  1. Terkos Passage

Again, we are at another affordable shopping spot in Taksim. Terkos Passage is one of the oldest in Taksim, but still as popular as the first day. Located in a side street, the passage creates a market air when you first enter, but there are many stores inside. Whether you are mixing looms or browsing inside stores; in any way, you will find products to suit your budget!


  1. Atlas Passage


One of Taksim’s most popular shopping spots is the Atlas Passage. It is possible to exchange clothes and jewelry at affordable prices in Atlas Pasajı, which is an alternative shopping place for those who are tired of the cost bombing prices of the stores. If you have not yet visited the Atlas Passage, allows a historic atmosphere while shopping, we recommend you to see it at the first opportunity.


  1. Sinanpaşa Passage

Sinanpaşa Passage, located in Besiktas and one of the most famous shopping points for Istanbul residents, is ideal for those looking for suitable shopping options. There are many stores in the passage where you can find the current fashion products of the season. Prices are incredibly cheap compared to other products! We strongly recommend Sinanpaşa Passage to those who want to get a lot with a few money.


  1. Opera Onur Passage


Opera Onur Passage is located on one of the favorite shopping places of Kadikoy, Bahariye Avenue. Passage, which has been a favorite of shopping lovers for many years, is still more reasonable, but it is still indispensable for many people. Inside, you can find the products of the popular brands with the same prices.


  1. Spice Bazaar


The Spice Bazaar, located in Eminonu, one of the busiest districts of Istanbul, is a place where you can enjoy shopping under the high ceilings with domes. More spices are sold in this historic bazaar, and they have a colorful atmosphere at all times as they receive consistent visitors. Since there are many different machines in the market, you can find the products you want to buy at very reasonable prices. All you have to do is to go carefully and do a good price analysis!


  1. Grand Bazaar


The eccentric and chaotic Grand Bazaar is the heart of İstanbul’s Old City and has been so for centuries. The Grand Bazaar, which is one of the historical places of Istanbul, is under the influx of 365 days tourists. The pleasure of shopping in this historic atmosphere is priceless! Today, there are spice shops, handbags, carpets, shopkeepers, jewelers, and souvenirs. To buy all these products at an affordable price, it is useful to make a detailed price analysis.


  1. Doğubank

Doğubank is the first address we can offer for affordable technology exchange in Istanbul. This passage in Eminönü-Sirkeci hosts many electronic stores. There are second-hand electronics in the stores and zero-cost items. Therefore, if you are planning to make a technology exchange recently, we say that you don’t go through Doğubank without seeing it.


  1. Eminönü

We finalize Istanbul’s affordable shopping points with Eminönü! Because Eminönü is preferred not only with the historical beauties it has but also with the shopping spaces, it hosts. You can find all kinds of items and clothes that you can think of at random in Eminönü streets. We can tell you that on weekends alone is quite busy!

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