One of the fascinating parts of the world-famous Ottoman culture was undoubtedly its kitchen. The Ottoman cuisine had a variety of troublesome and delicious dishes. The cookery was so fundamental that the kitchen of Topkapı Palace was 5250 m2! Ottoman cuisine has always been one of the major cuisines of the world thanks to the fertile lands of Anatolia, historical richness and the influence of different cultures. Those who visited the regions where the Ottomans ruled were always surprised by the rich cuisine they faced. What kind of food did the Ottoman cuisine have? When you hear it, you will surely be surprised by the hard-to-cook or troublesome Ottoman cuisine 9 satisfying meals!


  1. Filo Pastry Darüzziyafe Meatball

This strangely named Ottoman food was cooked with chicken, beef and lamb meat which are hashed together. After cooking the meats, peanuts, eggs, and various spices were added.


  1. Melon Dolma

The melon dolma that was not sound very charming was one of the exotic dishes of Ottoman cuisine. The ingredient of the Dolma was including lamb, rice, spices, almonds, pistachios, and currants. These ingredients were filled into the melon and baked in the oven.


  1. Milk Kebab

Isn’t it even interesting to think of milk and kebab side by side? This unique flavor was one of the troublesome dishes of Ottoman cuisine. Sheep and lamb meat was left to rest for a long time. The most critical point of the meal was to boil the meat in milk and to put hot milk on it while cooking on skewers.


  1. Mutancana

Mutancana, one of the interesting Ottoman dishes, was prepared by cooking lamb, apricot, shallot, red grapes, honey and almonds in a stew. This unique dish, which was known to be born in Edirne Palace, was also one of the favorite meals of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. After the conquest of Istanbul, Mutancana was among the leading dishes that were transported to Topkapi Palace Kitchen.


  1. Fodula

Fodula, one of the most important dishes of Ottoman cuisine, is still up to date. Fodula, which can be described as stuffed rye bread with beef, made from fermented dough, easy to cut, and thin similar to Ramadan pita. Fodula is cooked in the Ottoman palace kitchen, in the other palaces in Istanbul, and in the janissary ovens; were distributed to some officials in a basket together with their salaries.


  1. Mahmudiye

This particular dish, also known as Mahmudiye With Honey, was the favorite dish of Sultan Mahmud II in the Ottoman palace kitchen and was named after him. Mahmudiye, which was prepared by baking the village chicken in a stew flavored with almonds, apricots, raisins, honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice, was one of the indispensable winter dishes of Topkapı Palace. It is known that Mahmudiye took its first place in a feast menu in Edirne Palace in 1539.


  1. Akike

Akike is one of the exciting dishes of Ottoman cuisine; Prepared with mutton, tail fat, yogurt, cinnamon and various spices cooked in a casserole with gum mastic. This mixture, which is quite strange, was one of the most popular dishes of the palace cuisine.


  1. Smashed Chicken Kebab

Chicken kebab was cooked in Ottoman palaces only for the sultan. So much so that every cook in the palace could not prepare this dish. This exciting and delicious meal was made by resting a whole chicken in spices and resting in onion juice.


  1. Bird Soup

Bird Soup, one of the most amazing dishes of Ottoman cuisine, was prepared according to the records of Ottoman cuisine, with 15-20 Mistle thrushes were being cleaned and extracted and ironed. Cleaned birds were washed with flour until their smell is gone. It was then rewashed and boiled in a pan, roasted with oil and onion in a pot. It was then marinated with flour and served with cinnamon and black pepper.

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