7 Restaurants in Istanbul Where You Can Find The Most Delicious Flavours From The 7 Regions Of Turkey

Our beautiful country has very fertile lands due to its climate diversity. These fertile soils of our country allow growing many fruits and vegetables. Due to this richness, our areas have been preferred by numerous societies in the past and have hosted many civilisations. This historical richness and fertile soils have created a rich cuisine in our country. In almost every city in our country, you can sample different tastes. In this article, we will present Istanbul restaurants where you can eat these different flavours. Here are the restaurants you can taste unique tastes of different regions of our country without going away!


  1. “Hayvore” For Black Sea Flavors


Located in Taksim, Havyore is a restaurant that attracts the attention of the Black Sea cuisine lovers around the clock. In the menu, there are many Black Sea dishes and pita varieties prepared with unique flavours from the Black Sea. It is worth mentioning for enthusiasts: Havyore means “I’m here” in Laz language.

Address: Kuloglu Dist., Turnacibasi St., No: 4, Beyoglu


  1. “Kydonia” For Aegean Flavors


Located in Besiktas, Kydonia has a vibrant fish menu and delicious appetisers. Kydonia, where you can taste unique Aegean flavours, has a delightful sea view.

Address: Kurucesme Dist., Muallim Naci St., No: 107, Besiktas


  1. “Lacivert” for Mediterranean Flavors


With its best Bosphorus view of Istanbul, the Lacivert Restaurant offers delicious tastes of Mediterranean cuisine on the menu. This chic restaurant has an original list of Mediterranean cuisine, including seafood, chicken and duck.

Address: Anadolu Hisarı Dist., Korfez Street., No: 57 / A, Beykoz


  1. “Hamdi Restaurant” for Eastern Anatolian Flavors


Hamdi Restaurant located in Eminönü is one of the best kebab addresses in Istanbul. The owner of the restaurant, Hamdi Arpacı, came to Istanbul from Urfa in the 1960s and started selling kebabs in a small counter. After the kebabs become very popular, they are moving to the present building and expanding the business. In the menu of the restaurant where you can taste the tastes of Eastern Anatolia in the most magnificent way, there are also kebabs, chicken and fish products, cold appetisers and desserts.

Address: Rustem Pasa Dist., Tahmis St., Kalcin St., No: 11, Eminonu


  1. “Çiya” for Southeastern Anatolian delicacies


For those who like the tastes of Southeastern Anatolia, Çiya is an ideal restaurant. In the menu, there are various Southeastern Anatolian delicacies such as borani, mumbar and Gaziantep cuisine.

Address: Caferağa Dist, Güneşlibahçe Street, No: 43, Kadıköy- Istanbul


  1. “Delimonti” for Central Anatolian Flavors


Delimonti, located in Bomontiada, is a unique Anatolian cuisine. Traditional tastes are presented with a modern presentation. Delimonti’s menu offers a wide range of Anatolian delicacies from breakfast to the main course.

Address: Merkez Mah., Birahane Sok., No: 1, Sisli


  1. “Sandzak Restaurant” for Marmara Flavors


When we talk about the cuisine of the Marmara region, we are confronted with a wide variety of flavours. The rich culture of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the practical but tasting dishes of the Black Sea, the rich-grain flavours of Anatolia, the rich characteristics of the East, such as the richness of the Mediterranean Sea come together in the Marmara Region. Of course, the taste of the Thracian Balkan origin should not be forgotten! Sandzak Restaurant offers a variety of grills, salad varieties and appetisers, especially in the Balkan cuisine. If you like those flavours, Sandzak can be the ideal choice for you.

Address: Batı Dist., Pendik Coast Road, Marin Turk Mall, D: E Block, No: 4, Pendik

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