Gaziantep cuisine is one of the richest cuisines in our country, not only in Turkey also among the world’s most valuable kitchen. For this reason, not only baklava and kebab of Antep tables; it should also be mentioned in other languages. There are many types of food that are fascinated by the taste of Antep cuisine and which are engraved with their own characteristics. Here are ten dishes from the Gaziantep table with its traditional flavour!


  1. Baklava


When it comes to Gaziantep, the first thing that comes to mind is the baklava. Antep baklava is so delicious that you do not look like baklava anywhere else! There are plenty of Pistachios in it, and no matter how much you eat, the sherbet doesn’t love you.


  1. Katmer

Another indispensable dessert of Gaziantep table is Katmer. This delicious flavour is usually served with cream, as a pomegranate is placed in a baked dough with plenty of pistachios, cream and sugar. This delicious dessert can be eaten after meals or be consumed before meals.


  1. Simit kebab

Simit kebab is one of the most popular kebabs of Antep. Fine kneading of bulgur and minced meat; the most beautiful form of this unique flavour, prepared with the addition of onion, pistachio and pine nuts, is of course eaten in Antep.


  1. Hedik

This famous Antep meal that looks like Keşkek prepared with chickpeas, wheat and currants. We recommend you to try this pleasant taste as plain before the meat or chicken.


  1. Lebeniye soup

This delicious soup prepared with minced meat, chickpeas, wheat and strained yoghurt is entirely different from the Yayla soup. This delightful soup is among the most special soups that can be drunk before meals.


  1. Alinazik

ali nazik

Alinazik, which means excellent food, is one of the most popular dishes of Antep tables. We recommend you to eat this delicious meal in Antep, which attracts attention with its similarity to Hünkarbeğendi.


  1. Garlic kebab

One of the popular kebabs of Antep tables is the garlic kebab. This unique flavour, which is prepared by cooking the meat placed in fresh garlic into the skewers, becomes utterly different with the pomegranate syrup pouring on it.


  1. Malhalı meatball

In this delicious Antep dinner, similar to lentil patties, bulgur is higher than lentils. Bulgur is also used in raw bulgur. All these distinctive features make the Malhalı a more special flavour than the lentil meatballs.


  1. Muhammara


Muhammara, which is called acuka in many regions, is consumed as breakfast gravy in Antep tables. It contains walnut, tomato and pepper paste; Comes together with olive oil and coriander to reveal a unique sauce.


  1. Candy Pita

Another excellent example of Gaziantep kitchen is the candy pita. This unique flavour prepared with the addition of salt-free cheese and sugar on the crunchy pita dough can be consumed as a dessert.

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